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Your Ideal Pricing, Now A Reality

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Does the practice of requiring your credit card details when signing up make your blood boil over 100 degrees? And, hidden charges seeping their way into the final invoice just make you want to pick up your bat and start smashing things around you?

We've got three words for you: we get you.

two price tags on a light pastel pink background

The never-ending cycle - now broken.

How often have you encountered shady pricing plans that just seem to want to empty your bank account and not care about anything else - your satisfaction, for instance?

We already know the answer. It's A LOT with all capital letters. Now, we're not blaming anyone here but we genuinely think a better way was, is, and always will be possible. All it takes is just some additional effort and gratefully enough, we were, are, and always will be willing to go that extra mile.

Over a ton of coffee breaks, brainstorming sessions, and test attempts, we have finally come up with a way that prioritizes you and your business regardless of the service while also ensuring scam-free payment.

man looking happily at his smart tablet and credit card

Base Verify pricing - the epitome of ease.

Considering the number of inconveniences and unhappy customers discovered during our market research, Base Verify has come up with pricing that feels like a dream.

With the Base Verify app, you can sign up without adding your credit card, get straightforward pricing with no hidden charges, and pay only for successful verifications.

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