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Why Verifying Your Users' Digital Identities Is Important

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

A digital identity is a set of info that can be used to identify an individual, including their IP address, name, and device type. Throughout time, individuals create a digital representation of themselves across the internet via purchases, signups, etc.

Businesses with secure onboarding practices gather and assemble these datasets to confirm the identification of potential customers, affirming that their characteristics and preferences match who they are claiming to be.

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Okay. But why is verifying a digital identity so important?

From going on a full-fledged shopping spree to making important bank transactions, the majority of our daily activities take place online. This transition to the digital realm has caused us to place a huge amount of faith in the companies and websites we use, trusting them with protecting our data.

As baffling as it may sound, as customers become more tech-savvy, they want a little bit of a challenge while signing up for services or making purchases. If they're not met with it, they walk.

Why? Because they think:

  • Something shady's going on

  • You're extremely unprofessional

  • You don't care enough

  • Or simply, all of the above

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How to keep them coming back? Effective verification.

As sad as it is, customers ditching the signup process mid-way is more common than you think. When asked why most of them responded with the platform not having "enough security."

A smart verification technique strikes a compromise between user friendliness and just enough complexity to distinguish honest users from scammers. Verification services like ours can help reduce fraud, enhance client happiness, preserve time and money, and establish confidence.

Customers prefer to deal with organisations that keep them secure, and this security is made possible by an efficient digital ID verification solution that's incorporated into the onboarding procedure.

Want to know how you can incorporate verification into your platform? Discover detailed guides on API integration and using the app here.

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