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What Is Domain Verification & Why Do You Need It?

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

As technology becomes more accessible, fraudsters and spammers consequently become more common. Many individuals and businesses today report a rise in security breaches.

Even worse, they could seriously harm you or your business and have adverse legal and financial effects.

What is domain verification?

Domain Verification is a secure way to ensure the domains provided by customers you do business with are valid and owned by your customers.

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Why is domain verification necessary?

Domain verification is more important than you think. Here's an example to better understand this.

John is a 27-year-old tech enthusiast. He loves collecting the latest keyboards, CPUs, headphones, and the sort. Because of this interest, John spends most of his time using his credit card to make purchases from different tech stores online.

Say, he orders a combination of 3 keyboards, a mouse, and 2 pairs of headphones from 4 different websites. Now, while they all are probably legit, there's always a slight chance that one of them is a fraudulent, unsafe website and things could go wrong. In the latter case, John makes the purchase without verifying the domain, and BAM - John's hard-earned money is gone forever.

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Why do you need domain verification?

Now, John's $500 purchase may not seem that big of a deal. In fact, you might think why a settled business owner like yourself would possibly need domain verification. Simple. Because you're too clever to move forward with risky transactions.

Imagine losing thousands of dollars to a fraudulent (or recently hacked) domain when paying for a particular service, corporate equipment, or the like. Or pooling investments to a charity-based domain that is far from genuine, for that matter.

Play it smart. Verify domains.

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The first of its kind, Base Verify's simple and fast domain verification service allows you to verify one or multiple domains in just a few clicks.

Discover how it works or visit for a step-by-step guide.

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