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Physical v/s Postal Address Verification - What's The Difference?

Physical address verification and postal address verification are two similar but distinct processes used to verify the accuracy of an address.

Physical address verification

This involves confirming that a physical location exists at a given address and verifying its location.

This process can be done through various means such as visiting the location, using satellite imagery, or consulting a database of addresses. It is often used in industries such as:

  • real estate,

  • logistics, and

  • delivery services.

delivery guy delivering parcel to woman

Postal address verification

On the other hand, this is the process of verifying that an address is a valid mailing address. It typically involves checking the address against a database of addresses maintained by the postal service.

The main goal of postal address verification is to ensure that mail can be delivered to the correct location and is often used in industries such as:

  • e-commerce,

  • direct mail marketing, and

  • logistics.

silver mailbox

How are they similar?

Both physical and postal address verification confirm the accuracy of an address and can be performed through manual or automated means.

  1. Manual verification - Typically involves visiting the location or checking the address against a physical map or database.

  2. Automated verification - Uses software to check the address against a database of addresses.

Which is better?

Both; physical address verification and postal address verification, serve different purposes and are better for specific industries. It's important to identify the specific use case and industry before determining which method of address verification is better but typically, postal address verification tends to cost lesser while being quicker.

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