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Base Verify x AES-256 - Data Security At Its Finest

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Want to know the best way to:

  • Keep malicious hackers away?

  • Sleep worry-free at night?

  • Secure your data 100%

Encryption is the way to go!

If contemplating different ways to secure your data keeps you up at night, meet the blessing of the century - encryption.

a padlock locked somewhere in black and white

Protecting your data without encryption is like having nachos without cheese; pointless!

Encryption helps transform plain text aka your data into cipher text, which seems like a bunch of random letters but is in reality, a lot more. What's incredible about this and what makes it work is it can only be unlocked by those who possess the magic key/password.

Now, while regular encryption does the job, Base Verify takes data security up a notch for businesses and organizations as important as yours and incorporates the Advanced Encryption Standard-256, commonly known as AES-256 in its system.

What's so special about AES-256?

a man looking up at fluorescent blue boxes

Unlike asymmetric encryption which uses a public key to encrypt and a private one to decrypt, the Advanced Encryption Standard employs symmetric key encryption, which encrypts and decrypts data using just one secret key.

Not only this but the AES-256 is till date, the strongest encryption standard out there with a key length of up to 256 bits.

Not only does it support the largest bit size but it is also virtually impenetrable given its outstanding processing capacity.

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