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Why BaseVerify?

Leverage state-of-the-art verification tools

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Zero Configuration

Out-of-the-box verification solution.

No hassle or code required.

With our easy-to-use interface, the long & hard verification process is a thing of the past!


Simple tools to validate client information and stay compliant.

Ensure data security using BaseVerify's verification system, which complies with the NIST cyber security guidelines.

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API integration

Seamlessly integrate phone and email verification to increase conversions.

Enable faster and simpler signups by requiring only a phone number to rapidly verify account ownership.



Implementation of quality control


Quick adaptation to nascent tech

From user-friendly databases to seamless processes - we have it all.

Offering a wide range of exceptional features, we work closely with our clients to provide verification services that are seamlessly integrated, effective and durable.



Build, safely expose, administer, and monetize with the assistance of API integration using REST or NodeJS SDK to fuel digital applications and websites and promote innovation.

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Zero configuration

With user-friendly interface designed specifically for ease of use, say goodbye to time-consuming and complex verification processes.

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Wide compatibility

We believe that diversity and inclusivity are crucial components of every company. Because of this, we cover local and international phone numbers in all countries globally in our phone verification service.


Smart compliance

Ensure security with BaseVerify's verification system, which complies with the cyber security guidelines provided by NIST.


Ease of access

Accessibility and user-friendly procedures are crucial values, here, at BaseVerify.

Leave tedious processing and extensive work to us and focus on what matters most - your business.

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Data privacy

Keep data secure and ensure unaffected privacy with a structured data insurance policy, regular backups, user tokens signed with the RSA signature, and all user data encrypted in a secure cloud infrastructure.

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About us

​Backed by a team of experienced professionals, our strategic services are tailored to the needs of clients of all sizes and types, from emerging startups to established firms, and deliver lasting reliability with measurable results.

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